Now no one after lighting a lamp covers it over with a container, or puts it under a bed; but he puts it on a lampstand, so that those who come in may see the light. 17For nothing is hidden that will not become evident, nor anything secret that will not be known and come to light.”   Luke 8:16-17

Through my own personal journey, with its ups and downs, I never thought I would be coaching and helping other people who are hurting to find their own way to a victortious life..  I’ve been blessed to help guide hundreds of people through their own life challenges, to give them hope where none existed, and to help them see who they really are in the eyes of Christ.

One of my passions today is to inspire people have a closer walk with the Lord. After a spiritual setback or life challenge, I’m excited to see them Restored by God’s grace to be used for His service once again.  Too many people feel as though they can no longer be used by God once they have been through a divorce, cleaned up from drug addiction, lost a job or even loss of a family member.

My desire is that through my coaching, storytelling, speaking and even my writing, whether it is blog posts or books, that I can be a beacon of light in a dark world that desperately needs hope.

If you are somehow blessed and encouraged, please  take the blessings given to you, and share them with others.


Experience & Certifications

Life Coach

Steve Reed is a certified life coach with nearly 30 years of experience.  He is skilled at identifying issues and peeling back the layers to get to the core of what’s holding people back.  It could be something someone said or did that caused you to build an artificial ceiling or roadblock.  Until the issue is identified, you will never reach your full potential.

Pre-Marriage & Pre-Marriage Coach

As a Marriage and Pre-Marriage Coach, Steve helps couples learn to communicate and  deal with conflict better.  He uses multiple assessment tools to help them get to the bottom of their issues and challenges, then puts together a plan so they can have an amazing forever marriage.  Recently, Steve became a Licensed/Ordained minister, ready to perform your marriage ceramony.

One of the ways Steve helps relationships is with the intuitive assessment tool by SYMBIS.  This will help any couple navigate better in the areas of communication, conflict rresolution, family relationships, financial…and much more.  Why not safeguard your marriage by addressing the challenges before you are confronted with them?

Licensed Ziglar Choose to Win Coach

In 1981, Steve was first introduced to the master motivator, Mr. Zig Ziglar.  That set him on a course of learning from one of the best teachers he could have had. After reading Mr. Ziglar’s books, listening to his tapes & CD’s, and attending events where he was speaking, Steve was well on his way to implementing many of the tried and true ideologies. 

In the early 90’s, Steve started coaching friends, clients and his sales people helping them understand their personality temperaments better using the DISC methods. Very quickly, he found himself coaching and mentoring people, sharing the same insights that he had learned from Mr. Ziglar.

Fast forward to the summer of 2019.  Steve’s friend Tom Ziglar, proud son of Zig Ziglar, launched his first solo book, Choose to Win.  Shortly after the release of this great book, Tom put the call out for sucess focused coaches to teach the Choose to Win mindset.  Steve was invited to be in the first licensing class of Ziglar Choose to Win coaches.

Today, Steve takes this time proven process to help clients become better in seven areas of their lives:  Mental, Spiritual, Physical, Financial, Family, Career, and Persoal all while helping them maintain balance.

Steve hosts regular FREE webinars designed to share some of the richness of the Ziglar mindset.  Register for the next free webinar (coming soon) here or schedule a free 1 on 1 strategy session.

Award Winning Author

Steve Reed is a twice published author. His first book, My Half Brother – A Journey of Hope and Grace, won the Henri Award in Christian Literature as the Best Fiction in 2017.  His latest book, Restored by Grace – Broken Vessels, Usable for God’s Glory, has been nominated for the Henri Award in Christian Literature in the Motivation category. You can purchase both books here. 

My Half Brother is a unique look at the life of Christ through the eyes of His half brother James.  You will travel back in time to watch James and Jesus play Hide n’ Seek, travel to Jerusalem for Passover, miracles galore, and much more.

Restored by Grace is ten stories about real people who’s lives were dramatically restored by His grace alone.  Rejection, fear, drug addictions, prostitution, abandonment, these are just a few of the challenges people dealt with.  But God was victorious!

Keynote and Conference Speaker

With over 30 years of public speaking, Steve Reed is well equipped to bring motivation and training to your group.  As an award winning speaker, Steve knows how to engage his audience and help them take action  Whether his message is a Biblically based devotional or a keynote address, you won’t be disappointed. Book him to speak here.


Biblical Storyteller

With the launch of Steve Reed’s first book, My Half Brother, came a one man dramatic Biblical presentation. Steve takes the stories from his book and brings them to life.  Now you can not only read the stories, but he will also help you feel like you are right there as he shares in Biblical costume as James, Jesus’ half brother.  Be inspired to learn more about the Savior.

Ordained Licensed Minister