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Did you know that in 1923, Babe Ruth set 3 different records in Major League Baseball. First, the one everyone knows about is his home run hitting. He set the record that would stand for decades. Record number 2 was his hitting record. More hits than anyone else. The third record is one that a lot of people are unaware of, he was also the strike out king that year.

Here’s the point, how can you possibly hit a home run if you don’t take a swing? If you don’t swing, you can’t hit the ball. If you swing a lot, you are likely to miss, a lot. That i exactly what happened. Babe Ruth swung a lot and struck out a lot. Thus, he became the number one strike out person.

Is it time for you to pick up a bat? Is it time to take a swing again? Have you been striking out lately and fear has crept in keeping you from stepping up to the plate?

Do it NOW! Pick up a bat, step up to the plate and swing like the ball is going out of the park. Fight back to win and hit a home run.


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