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Stop and think about it, we all have had chains of some sort that held us back in some way. The question is, did we recognize them while we were wearing them?

Chains can take on many different sizes, shapes, and colors. They can be big or small, shiny or rusty. You can even have plain or colorful ones. No matter what they look like, the chains can keep you in bondage. The sad thing is that there are times that we don’t realize that we are in bondage with chains.

So what exactly are the chains? They could be words spoken to us, physical or emotional abuse, even sexual abuse. Maybe when we were growing up a parent, sibling, teacher, or coach said or did something negative to us that we internalized and held onto. After all, an adult wouldn’t say something mean or untruthful to us. Or would they?

You must identify the chains and deal with them. Get them out into the light and get them out of your mind and your life. Until you rid yourself of these chains, you won’t be able to truly reach your potential. The chains will be either controlling you or holding you back in some way.

If you need help identifying and then breaking your chains, let’s have a chat. I may be able to help you both find them and break them so that you can live a richer life.


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