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Have you ever thought about all the distractions we have to deal with on a daily basis? Unexpected phone calls, a messy desk, dogs barking, a special promotion at a favorite restaurant? Maybe it is something a little more serious like a complaint call from a client, a disgruntled salesperson, or a strong prospect telling you no over the phone. Now for the serious distractions, cancer, a car accident, job loss, death of a family member or friend.

Some of the worst kinds of distractions are things that are from your past. You see, hear, or smell something that brings up a memory, good or bad, and it takes you back to another place in your timeline. What if it is something that really hurt you? Is is a hurt that you never dealt with? Is it something you swept under the carpet, so to speak? Now is a great time to deal with it so that it doesn’t distract you any longer.

These are what I call stealth distractions, you simply don’t see them coming and all of a sudden, they hit you where it hurts, your mind and your heart.

Do you need help dealing with them? Do you need a plan on how to make it so they don’t effect you any more going down the road? Maybe you need a coach. Who knows, I may have some ideas that could set you on the right course so you can eliminate these stealth distractions.


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