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The chains of bondage come in many different forms. Sometimes they are big chains, sometimes little ones. Whatever the chains look like, they hold us back from accomplishing what we want or constrict us so it is harder to get where we are going.

One of the biggest problems with the chains is that we start believing things that simply are not true. We listen to the lies that other people tell us. Unfortunately, some of those lies take away our hope for the future, maybe to the point that we stop trying to go forward. We get more and more stuck where we are. We just lose our hope. So how do you get your hope back?

Read positive books, listen to good podcasts of encouragement, listen to uplifting music.

One of the best ways I have found to regain my hope is to read Scripture. Did you know that there are more than 2,000 references to the word “Hope” in the Bible?

The Bible is filled with stories of people who had lost their hope and regained it through the help of God.

This is probably the best place to start when trying to get your hope back.

Many years ago, I heard motivational speaker, Les Brown say, and I paraphrase, “If you fall down, make sure you land on your back, because if you can look up, you can get up.”

Is that where you are today? Have you fallen down and can’t seem to be able to get up? Do you need a hand up? Maybe you just need a coach to walk along beside you for a period. Someone who can peel back the layers of hurt and pain that have caused you to fall in the first place.

Since the early 90’s, I have been helping people get unstuck, understand better who they are, and how to communicate better. Maybe I can help you move forward.

As a certified Life and Marriage coach, I have a lot of tools and experience that can help take you to the next level. Feel free to reach out. I’m a call or email away. Let me help you get rid of your old baggage so you can have a more victorious life.