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What’s holding you back?  Are you dealing with rejection?  Maybe it is rejection that happened years ago and you are still holding on to the memories.  Maybe someone rejected you and planted a negative thought in your head that you aren’t worthy.  Did someone question your abilities or credentials?  In my book, Restored by Grace, I tell the story about Hank who was rejected by his wife at the time.  She questioned his qualifications when he was presented with a great opportunity.  That rejection stifled him so much that he was unable to reach his true potential.  Once Hank broke through the thoughts of rejection, he was able to soar.

Who has rejected you?  Was it a parent, high school coach, spouse, teacher, boss?  Did they say or do something that brought on those thoughts of being inadequate for a challenge in front of you?

Once you have identified the rejections, you need to deal with them and drag them out from under the rug where you have been hiding them.  Recognize that you are worthy.  It doesn’t really matter what others think or do.  It is all about who you are and how God sees you.  With the right mind set, what can you accomplish?  Don’t let someone or some entity that may be ill informed, put a limitation on you.  It’s up to you to break the chains that are holding you back.

Do you have your junk neatly packaged up in nice looking baggage?  Are you carrying around that junk?  Why are you carrying around your junk?  The luggage may look good, but what is it doing to you on the inside?

Do you need help breaking through?  I would love to be your coach.  Let’s peel back the layers, identify the junk, deal with it, and then move on victoriously.

Blessings on your journey of hope and grace.