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There are a lot of people you encounter on a regular basis that are masters at cleaning. They cant handle clutter or dirt. You will find them cleaning all the time. The sad thing is, sometimes they aren’t really cleaning, they are just moving dirt and junk from one place, to another. Frequently, they are just lifting the rug or carpet and sweeping their dirt under it.

Where do you stand? Are you one of those who is just sweeping under the carpet? We’ve all heard, out of sight, out of mind. What happens when you trip over the things you tried to hide? It generally hits a trigger and you get angry and lash out, or you simply go to a bad place.

Maybe when you trip over your junk, you go back to the time and place when the original incident took place and it evokes the emotions all over again.

Until you actually deal with the issue, you will continue to trip over your past. You will continue to hurt yourself and maybe others in the process.

Do you need help uncovering the junk under the carpet? Once it is uncovered, do you need help dealing with it? This can be one of the biggest ways to break the chains of bondage that holds you back from living a victorious life.

Feel free to reach out. I would love to help you. I would love to be your coach. Pick up a copy of my book, Restored by Grace, to see some stories of how I have helped others break free.


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