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We all have triggers of some sort, some good, some bad. Obviously, the good triggers evoke good emotions, the bad ones, bad emotions. Do you know how to recognize your triggers? Do you react or respond to them? Do you know how to control the emotions?

What do the triggers look like? They could be a sight or sound similar to something when you were growing up. Maybe this was associated to a time when you were molested, beaten, or ridiculed. Immediately you are taken back to a very painful time in your life. Do you lash out at the people closest to you now? The emotions erupt like a geyser and just as hot.

On the other hand, the trigger could evoke very pleasant emotions like when your mom made you your favorite cake for your birthday, when you got married, or when you had your first child?

How you handle the triggers and emotions linked can determine your attitude and how you relate with others.

Do you need help identifying the triggers? Do you need help dealing with the emotions associated with the negative triggers? Why not send me a message. As a Certified Life and Marriage Coach, I have been helping people deal with these triggers for over 20 years. Maybe I can help you as well.


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