Welcome to another addition of Something to Think About.

Recently I shared some thoughts about not focusing on the past but rather we should focus on growing forward.  Today I want to talk about growing forward in balance.

This time of the year a lot off people talk about their health and fitness goals.  They want to lose weight or get into better shape.

Maybe they focus on certain financial goals, maybe even talk about getting a new job or building a business.

What if you did a great job of setting and following through with these goals, but your family suffered in the process?

What if your Spiritual life or Personal life were neglected?

Here is the key, our lives are all intertwined with every aspect.  One part impacts the others.

For instance, if your career is suffering, often times the challenges you have there, you sub-conscientiously take home and thus, your family is now impacted.

If your financial life is out of balance, how does that effect your Physical or Personal live?

Many years ago, Mr. Zig Ziglar developed the formula for Wheel of Life.

As a Licensed Ziglar Choose to Win Coach, I help people get into balance in all seven areas in the Wheel of Life.  They are:  Mental, Spiritual, Physical, Family, Financial, Career, and Personal.

So as you focus on one or two of your resolutions or goals, maybe you should consider focusing on all of them so that you stay in balance.

After all, what good is it to be in peak physical shape, but your career is suffering?  Or, if your career is thriving but your family life is suffering?

 Let’s put a plan together so that you are actually growing forward.  Feel free to reach out.  Maybe it is time for a focused strategy session to get you on the right track.