Do you know your why? Do you really know your why?

Often times when I’m coaching a new client, we talk about their “why”. I hear things like, “I want a new car, big house, travel…etc. While I don’t have a challenge with any of these things, what happens as we continue, the real “why” generally changes.

What usually happens is that we get to the REAL why. The real why becomes, Joy, Good health, Peace of mind, Relationships, Integrity…etc. And the list goes on regarding more character aspects.

As you are putting your goals together and refining them, ask yourself, what is the real why? Go down deep until you discover the foundation.

For instance, if I said I wanted a new Lexus LX 570 SUV. The question is “Why”?

Is it as a status symbol?
Is it for comfort?
To haul around your kids?
To haul around other things?

What if it was for safety reasons? Safety for children, spouse, yourself?

Now we are getting somewhere? What if you want an extremely safe vehicle to shuttle around our family because they are precious to you.

Think about this as you review your goals. What is the real reason why you want something?

As you move forward, when you focus on the real reason why you want something, the more likely you will achieve this goal.

Do you need help defining your goals and why? I would love to visit with you. Let’s schedule some time to chat. Who knows, you may figure out what your core “why” really is.