Can You Imaging Dying Twice?

Imagine getting very sick, to the point of death. Your family has tried everything, but nothing helped.  Your life is cut short.

You send a message to your friend who has helped many others in situations similar.  You know He can help as well.  Your family waits patiently, but He never shows up.  It’s too late.

Several days later, your friend finally shows up.  By this time you have been in a grave for four days. You can’t get any more dead than this.  All of a sudden you hear a loud voice calling you.  “Lazarus, Come forth!”  With these words from your friend, life is restored.


Jesus, the Christ, Has Shown Who He Really Is.

The gruff and rigid Jewish man, Lazarus, was antagonistic toward Jesus, the newcomer to Bethany.  Jesus was in the middle of teachhing and healing people when Lazarus challenge Him and questioned His motives. In typical manor, Jesus simply spoke in a soft voice and called Lazarus his friend.  With that an endearing friendship was established.  Jesus went on to stay with Lazarus, Martha, and Mary for a few days in their home, a place He would go when He really need some peace and quiet.

After Jesus raised His dear friend from the grave, Lazarus went on to become the second most hated man in all of Israel, right behind Jesus Himself.

Lazarus shared his testimony every opportunity he had.  He didn’t care who the audience was, he shared how he was sick, died, spent four days in a grave, and Jesus raised him from the dead.

People loved hearing the story  of the Journey of Hope and Grace from Lazarus, amd you will love it as well.

What about the sisters?

Lazarus: A Journey of Hope and Grace

Martha and Mary were the beloved sisters of Lazarus.  Martha was always working and serving.  This was her gift and calling and she loved doing it.  Howver, there were times when she got frustrated that her little sister would just sit and listen every time Jesus would come for a visit.  “Jesus, would you tell Mary to help around the house?” Martha would say.  Jesus’ response was typically something like, “Martha, you worry too much.  You should follow the lead of your sister.”  Jesus was of no help , or so Martha thought.

One day their brother, Lazarus, became very ill.  They did everything they could but nothing helped.  They sent a friend to find Jesus and ask Him to come.  They waited, but to no avail, it was too late, Lazarus died.  Distraught, Mary locked herself in her room refusing to come out.  Martha, on the other hand, knew things had to get done and grieved through her working.

A few days later, when Jesus finally showed up, the sisters had mixed, anger, bitterness, confusion, and sadness.  Jesus called for them to come to Him and take Him to the tomb where they laid their brother.  What happened next changed their grief and anger instantly to joy and celebration as they watched their brother walk out of the tomb.  Jesus had raised him from the dead.

What to Expect

Here Are A Few Excerpts From The Book

Growing up as the eldest brother of Jesus, The Christ, has some exciting advantages and privileges.  One of those is that I probably know the most about Him, after our mother and father.  Watching Him grow up and start His ministry was an amazing process I shall never forget.

One of the other huge benefits is the stories I get to tell.  While I have seen countless miracles, none was more extensive or more impactful than to witness Jesus raising His good friend, Lazarus, from the grave.  To say there are no words to describe it, would be an understatement.

I will describe what it was like to watch as the relationships started and developed in the next few minutes.  While my half-brother had many individuals, He would call friends, there were none quite like Lazarus, Martha, and Mary of Bethany.

After standing there for a few minutes, Jesus started walking toward the tomb.  He looked at some of the men and told them to move the stone which had been put in front of the tomb.  Martha quickly spoke up, saying, “Lord, by this time, there will be a stench, for he has been dead for four days.”

Jesus said to her, “Did I not say to you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?” So, they removed the heavy stone away from the entrance to the tomb. The tomb was simply a hole which had been cut out of the rocks on a hillside.  It was just large enough to lay an adult-size body inside.

Then Jesus raised His eyes and said, “Father, I thank You that You have heard Me.  I knew that You always hear Me, but because of the people standing around, I said it, so that they may believe that You sent Me.”  When He had said these things, He cried out with a loud voice, “Lazarus, come forth.”

One day I was talking with other disciples of my brother. We were planning our next outreach to share the good news of Jesus, just in case they hadn’t heard already.  The ideas were coming rapidly on what direction we should go, both on the map and how we go about telling the stories.

There were several of us sitting in my home talking and eating. Thankfully, a friend Sarah, one of Jesus’s disciples, had offered to help us. The biggest thing we needed help with was food. Don’t get me wrong, she was a strong and wise woman of God and loved sharing with other women, but she loved serving us domestically.  She reminds me of Martha, the older sister to my friend Lazarus…

This day was a very special one for me.  While the six of us were nearing the completion of our planning, a loud knock came on the door.  Not expecting anyone, and with my back to the door, I asked Sarah to see who it was while we finished our planning. Whoever it was at the door could wait or come back another time.

What Others Are Saying

About Steve Reed’s Coaching

I have been so blessed...

“I have been working with Steve for about a month now. I have been so blessed that I was able to connect with him in my life. He is guiding me to know what true joy is in my life. He brings me back to the basic of who I am and who I was created by. He reminds me to slow down and take care of myself and remember that God is always with me and he will walk with me through anything that comes my way. I am excited to continue my journey with him to finally feel like I am living as my true self and the life I was meant to live.”

~ Lisa K. Elementary Teacher

He helped guide them to a more positive self-image...

“I met Steve several years ago and can tell you that he is passionate about people. I have watched him work with people in an intimate and safe environment helping them to acquire a better understanding of what motivates them, how personal negative tapes they listen to have been a defeating influence in how they feel about themselves, and why they instinctively react to certain life situations the way they do. He has helped guide them into a more positive self- image and learn positive truths about who they really are.”

~ Peggy S. Executive Administrator

He is adept at asking the right questions...

“Steve is a skilled speaker, mentor, and coach.  He is adept at asking the right questions to get to the heart of whatever issue needs to be resolved, explored, discussed.”

~Andrew P. Fitness Coach

Steve's coaching techniques led me to discover my potential...

“A coach helps others to discover their own definition of life and success. Their purpose is to help people grow and improve both personally and professionally. Steve Reed, my personal coach and mentor, has guided me to find the missing paradigm that has kept me from growing personally and professionally. Steve’s coaching techniques led me in discovering my potential, my calling and more important, my passion and vision. Steve powerfully, yet gently, guided me in an empowering, effective and energizing process to help me find skills that I never knew I had. Steve Reed continues to help me discover my definition of life and success.”

~Harold H. Educator, Executive Coach

Steve lives and breathes encouragement...

“Steve Reed lives and breathes encouragement and leadership.  He has unending energy to provide others with the spark to succeed.  I’ve been inspired just being around him in the Allen Chamber by his ideas and events he always working.  I have no doubt time in his presence and learning from him will lead to success, but also a positive perspective on life that can impact others well beyond your business.”

~ Christine V. Travel Concierge

About the Author

Steve Reed is a certified life coach with over 30 years of experience.  He is skilled at identifying issues and peeling back the layers to get to the core of what’s holding people back.  It could be something someone said or did that caused you to build an artificial ceiling or roadblock.  Until the issue is identified, they will never reach their full potential.

Stephen H. Reed – a son, husband, encourager, keynote speaker, coach, entrepreneur, writer and storyteller.

At the age of 16, I was confronted with the reality that my family heritage was of no value when spending eternity with my Savior.  It wasn’t about who my parents were; it was about a personal relationship with Jesus which mattered.  Coming to a saving knowledge of who Jesus is and what His grace and mercy meant to me, I started this Christian walk.

Much like James, Jesus’ half-brother, my faith has grown every day as I see His hands at work.  While pursuing this project and others, I have witnessed one lesson after another.

As I reflect on my life, I realize I have only begun to learn who Jesus truly is and the depth of His grace and mercy.  I am learning new lessons every day.

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Get a new perspective of Jesus through the eyes of His half-brother James.  Learn about His greatest miracle. You will be inspired.