Accidents can happen at any time and without warning. In fact, they are never scheduled events in our calendars. After a recent mishap with a ladder, Steve Reed learned this firsthand.

We all have choices to make every day. You can either be angry and bitter, or you can learn from each incident or event. Steve has chosen to learn from this. In fact, he has decided to turn these lessons into his next book, “Lessons from the Crutches – How I learned NOT to use crutches as crutches”.

This 35 lesson book is filled with simple, common sense lessons for daily living. Great for your own personal daily devotions, Steve includes with each lesson, a verse from Scripture along with a short prayer of encouragement. Hint, you can even use Lessons from the Crutches with your family as a time to slow down and learn.

The lessons are things like: Accidents are never on the calendar beforehand, Plan ahead, Never take things for granted, and much more.

Steve’s lighthearted look at his own misfortune will put a smile on your face while you find hope for your future.