What would it have been like to have Jesus as your big brother?

Hear stories about the day to day lives of these half brothers.  Daily chores, Torah studies, games, and much more.  Was there any sibling rivalry?  Or, did James just want to be like his big brother?

Do you need a creative presentation for your church or organization.  Steve delivers stories with a message.  They are all centered around the theme of James and witnessing his big brother, Jesus.  He shares about life as young boys, growing up into their teen years and beyond as Jesus starts His ministry of teaching and miracles.  You will even hear about Jesus’s arrest, beatings, and journey to Golgotha.  How did James handle His death and then the resurrection?

These Biblically based stories are appropriate for all ages from elementary school to seniors.  You will walk away saying, “He made me feel like I was right there.”