Lazarus: A Journey of Hope and Grace


Growing up as the eldest brother of Jesus, The Christ, has some interesting advantages and privileges.  One of the huge benefits is the firsthand stories I can share.  While I have seen countless miracles, none was bigger and more impactful than to witness Jesus raising His good friend, Lazarus, from the grave.  There are no words to describe the event.

While my half-brother had many individuals He would call friends, there were none quite like Lazarus, Martha, and Mary of Bethany.  They opened their home and hearts to Him, giving Jesus a place of retreat where He could simply rest and relax.

I watched as Lazarus became enemy number two with the temple officials, wow!  Lazarus took what happened to him and turned it into the most incredible testimony, one with which the Pharisees and Sadducees simply could not compete.  As a result, they hated my friend and wanted him eliminated.

Jesus’ disciples continued to walk in His Light and learned how to speak life into the broken, downtrodden, lonely, frustrated, and lost.  They learned what it was to give to others selflessly just by watching my half-brother.

Every good story has an unexpected twist, and there is no exception in this one.  Learn how two brothers and a close friend helped to turn the world upside down in a good way.  I hope you enjoy this marvelous story of my friend Lazarus and his Journey of Hope and Grace.


A bond servant of our Lord, Jesus

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