SYMBIS: A Tool for Relationship Success

Do you want to get and stay on the right path with your relationship?  Is your relationship struggling but you aren’t sure why?

Are you engaged and want to ensure that your marriage is the best possible?

Are you spending thousands of dollars for a one day event, the wedding, but you aren’t investing in your forever marriage?

Would you like guidance to get your relationship back on track? Or, maybe you’re doing well and you just want to make sure that you continue that path of happiness.

SYMBIS is a program designed to help you know your partner better.  Your assessment will help you uncover secrets about yourself that sometimes take hours to discover without the use of an assessment.

You’ll discover triggers and potential speed bumps ranging from how family history impacts our expectations to how we manage our money.

As your Certified SYMBIS Facilitator, I’ll help you understand your report and how to apply it to your everyday life. We’ll explore how to avoid pitfalls and learn safeguards you can put in place to minimize conflicts.

By investing a little bit of time on yourselves, you can save hours of conflict in the future.

Do you really know your partner?

Below are a few of the questions

discussed in the SYMBIS Report


How are your relationships with each other’s parents?

Do you have good relationships with the rest of the family?

Do you get along with each other’s friends?

Is one of you a spender and one a saver?

Who pays the bills?

Are you on the same page with spiritual matters?

Who does the yard work?

Who takes out the trash?

Are you in agreement with raising children?

Stephen Reed Ministries will walk you through an amazing assessment program designed  to help your relationship be the best possible. Learn your shortcomings and how to improve. Why settle for good if you can achieve incredible?

Here Are A Few Sample Images From The SYMBIS Assessment

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