Don’t just take it from me about my coaching and who I am.  Read what others are saying about my effectiveness as a coach and helping them discover areas of growth and personal development.

“Steve is a skilled speaker, mentor, and coach.  He is adept at asking the right questions to get to the heart of whatever issue needs to be resolved, explored, discussed.” Andrew P. Fitness Coach

“Steve is an amazing speaker for your group.  His unique delivery has high impact and your people will love him!”  Patrick D.  Executivee Coach, Trainer, Speaker

“Steve Reed is an exceptional person and coach.”  Sharon M.  Chamber Executive

“Steve Reed lives and breathes encouragement and leadership.  He has unending energy to provide others with the spark to succeed.  I’ve been inspired just being around him in the Allen Chamber by his ideas and events he always working.  I have no doubt time in his presence and learning from him will lead to success, but also a positive perspective on life that can impact others well beyond your business.”  Christine V. Travel Concierge

“I met Steve several years ago and can tell you that he is passionate about people. I have watched him work with people in an intimate and safe environment helping them to acquire a better understanding of what motivates them, how personal negative tapes they listen to have been a defeating influence in how they feel about themselves, and why they instinctively react to certain life situations the way they do. He has helped guide them into a more positive self- image and learn positive truths about who they really are.”  Peggy S. Executive Administrator

“I have been working with Steve for about a month now. I have been so blessed that I was able to connect with him in my life. He is guiding me to know what true joy is in my life. He brings me back to the basic of who I am and who I was created by. He reminds me to slow down and take care of myself and remember that God is always with me and he will walk with me through anything that comes my way. I am excited to continue my journey with him to finally feel like I am living as my true self and the life I was meant to live.”  Lisa K. Elementary Teacher

“Great coaching experience. Listens, understands, and gives guidance accordingly. Would highly recommend!”  Jason D. Contractor

“I am so thankful for Steve. He helped me work through feelings of self doubt that were holding me back from being who I wanted to be. Steve is extremely kind, patient, and easy to talk to.” Shanessa C. Realtor

Steve Reed can bring stories to life as a professional story teller.  Very enjoyable and entertaining.”  Barbara S. Real Estate Agent

“Fabulous life coach!  Steve brings a lot to the table as a mentor.”  Cindy C.  Real Estate Agent

“I’ve known Steve for 13 years.  He is a wonderful, dedicated man.  Whatever he does, he’s all IN.”  Richard C.  Entrepreneur

“Stephen was awesome. He helped my wife and I get married in our church with only having 3 weeks of notice. My wife and I could not get married in our church unless we took the pre-married class. No churches were having the class available. He went out of his way to get us worked in and he did a private class that our church accepted. We are very grateful for him! He is very genuine, loving, and knows his stuff. I would highly recommend him to anyone!”  Rick F. Entrepreneur

A coach helps others to discover their own definition of life and success. Their purpose is to help people grow and improve both personally and professionally. Steve Reed, my personal coach and mentor, has guided me to find the missing paradigm that has kept me from growing personally and professionally. Steve’s coaching techniques led me in discovering my potential, my calling and more important, my passion and vision. Steve powerfully, yet gently, guided me in an empowering, effective and energizing process to help me find skills that I never knew I had. Steve Reed continues to help me discover my definition of life and success.” Harold H. Educator, Executive Coach