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 As I have been coaching couples over the years, the same three issues keep bubbling to the top.  They are:  Financial Management, Communication, and Physical needs.

For the engaged couple, who is going to pay the bills, manage the budget and take care of taxes?  This can be a tricky subject for couples.  Typically, there is a spender and a saver.  You need to have these roles ironed out prior the wedding day.  If not ironed out, at least the conversation should have taken place already.

If this is a second marriage or more, you need to talk about income, debt, existing bills, savings…etc.

When it comes to communication styles, are you a talker or a listener?  Do you listen to hear or listen to respond?  Do you frequently interrupt your partner, not letting them finish a sentence?  Do you sit there in silence with little to say?

What are your physical expectations?  Ladies, yours are often very different than your husband’s or fiancee.  Have you talked through this?  It could be a major point of contention.

Do you need some coaching in either of these areas?  What about your son or daughter who is about to get married.

Let’s give that young couple, about to be married, a leg up on their marriage.  Let’s help them have a marriage for their lifetime.

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