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Weddings are fun events to share with friends and families. It is always enjoyable to see how beautiful the brides and bridesmaids are. Then there are the flowers, decorations and cakes.

I read a recent article that had the average cost of a wedding in Texas at over $33,000. Some of the expenses were: Venue – $16,000; Photographer – $2700; Reception music – $4100K; Florist – $2500; Dress – $1500…etc.

Sadly, nowhere in the list of expenses was preparation for the marriage. What a shame it is to spend all this money on a one day event that when the day is over, the bride and groom, parents and in-laws are all exhausted and sometimes broke. Now, don’t get me wrong. I like weddings. What I think is sad is that this couple now has to navigate through life and frequently don’t have the tools or road map to do it with the fewest speed bumps.

I don’t like identifying a problem without having a solution. So here you go. I work with couples, all ages, in helping them navigate this thing called married life. I put them through an assessment program to determine where the potential speed bumps are, then help them put a plan together that will make things a little easier.

Some of the areas we walk through are: Financial management, Communication skills (including listening), Leisure activities, Physical, Friends & family…etc.

If an issue comes up, hopefully the couple will have the tools needed and know how to deal with the issue and move forward as easily as possible.

Here’s the question. Do you have children or grandchildren about to get married? Friends? Other family members? Business associates? How would you like to help them on their new journey? I have plans to help couples prepare for life together. Maybe you need a refresher yourself, or maybe you are facing some speed bumps and need a little help. The assessment program can be set up for both Pre-Married and Married couples.

As your Life and Marriage Coach, I can help you get the answers for making and keeping your marriage fantastic.


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