Welcome to Stephen Reed Ministries.  I have been serving in ministry in one form or another since the early 70’s when I surrendered my life to Christ. For over 35 years, I was primarily focused on music and worship ministry. In 2014, I published my first book, My Half Brother: A Journey of Hope and Grace.  It is the story of Christ through the eyes of James.  As a novel, I simply share what it would have been to grow up in the household where my big brother was literally perfect.  Come along with me on this journey. I have taken many of these stories and shared them as a monologue presentation in Biblical costume.  My target audiences are churches, men’s groups, retreats, conferences, schools, and retirement centers.  The predominent response I get is, “You made me feel like I was right there.” While still focused on worship, in 2009 I started to add more attention to helping hurting people recover from life changing losses and life crisis’.  These are issues like: divorce, loss of a loved one, unforgiveness, physical abuse, and their identity in Christ. What I discovered was that many people are holding onto events in their lives and how others have hurt them.  Frequently they have been stuck in the past.  I help people through these life events and help to get them to a point of restoration. My latest book to be published is, Restored by Grace.  It is ten short stories about real people and is based on my experience in helping them through their life challenges.  The hope is that you will be encouraged by their stories and how God restored them to where they are useful to Him once again. Please check out my books, videos, and blogs.  I hope they are an encouragement to you. I hope that you will join me on this journey of Hope and Grace.