Are you dealing with blind spots?

What is a blind spot?  Are you dealing with blind spots in your life?  Who is impacted by your blind spots?

Here’s a news flash for you.  We ALL have blind spots.  The funny thing is, because they are blind spots, we aren’t aware of them.  Thus, we don’t know how to address them.

What do the blind spots look like?  These could be the words we say.  Actions.  Habits.  And much more.

While this video is cute and makes us laugh, it is accurate.  Think about the nail you have in your head.  Is it snagging all of your sweaters?  Or, is it causing problems in your family relationships?  Work?  Sales?

Do you need a coach?  Do you need soomeone to help you both identify the nail, but also help you remove it?

As a Life & Marriage Coach and a Licened Ziglar Choose to Win Coach, I have helped hundreds of people deal with their blind sspots, speed bumps, potholes, or whatever you want to call them.

Maybe it’s time to schedule an appointment.  Ths is as simple as clicking the button below, seelect a time, and get ready for positive chcange.