Words Mean Things

When was the last time you truly thought about the words you say, to others and to yourself?

I have some words that I try to avoid, like react, luck, and awesome. Now that’s an interesting combination. Let me explain.

I heard Zig Ziglar many years ago talk about the difference between reacting and responding. Reaction is typically a negative thing, where as responding is positive. So I try to respond as much as possible.

Luck? That is an over used word that implies that you are not prepared for something. Good luck on that date. Good luck in getting that mortgage. Good luck in that sales meeting.

If you prepare properly and then bathe it in prayer, luck will have nothing to do with it.

I’ve heard it said that luck is when opportunity and preparedness intersect. Are you luck if you get that sale, or are you well prepared for the opportunity?

Finally there is the word Awesome. I used to use, no, over use the word. Everything was awesome. Awesome movie. Awesome meal. Awesome sporting event. Funny thing is, few of these things were truly awesome.

God impressed upon me many years ago that He alone is Awesome and that we should be in Awe of Him, the Creator of the universe.

So think about changing your words. If it is of God, Awesome is totally appropriate. However, what used to be awesome in your mind may actually be good, wonderful, tasty, excellent… etc.

In other words, think about the words that you use. Are they beneficial and positive? Are they appropriate for the situation.

Yes, words mean things.

Do you need some direction in the area of self talk? Maybe you are telling yourself the wrong things and need some guidance. I would love to help.